Martie Peters Group: “Unfinished Business”, Melodic Rock Records

Tracklist: 01.When the Circus hits the City, 02.She’s got a Secret, 03.Win or lose, 04.No win Situation, 05.The Devil’s Bargain, 06.Chasing Shadows, 07.Don’t kill the Messenger, 08.Walk Tall, 09.My Dreams die Hard, 10.Rat Race.

Band: Martie Peters (vocals), Kontantin Raidovski (guitars), Bent “BJ” Joergensen (bass), Eric Ragno (keyboards), Felix Engel (drums), Dennis Post (guitars & bass), Chris Frick (piano), Larry Salzmann (percussion).

MPG has been very stabil in releasing smashing record and had a big impact on the Danish melodic scene. From the first breathes in glam band Sateria, later with Push. But especially the latest records (including the debut under this moniker many years ago on MTM) as Martie Peters Group – really has shown that Peters developed and developed as a songwriter as well as a singer/frontman – and with “Unfinished Business” Martie Peters proves that he is very mush standing on his own feet. With a clear vison from all details – from how he wants the sound and expression.  The album is produced by Martie Peters himself – but is mixed by legendary sound magician Neil Kernon and mastered by the one and only JK Northrup. This trio did a wonderful job.

“When the Circus hits the City” is chosen as the first single and is the perfect opening track for the whole album. A track originally written with Martin Daric for a PUSH reunion – but that unfortunately never happened. Now reworked and rearranged  with long time friend an guitarist Martin Slott. But new guitar wizard Konstantin Raidovski is really shining here! Martie Peters comments: ” I love that it goes from minor to major, nothing new but I still think it’s pretty original. It’s a raw riff and pure energy in the verses. Some would say it’s a typical Martie Peters song, I would agree.” The next track to highlight is “She’s got a secret” – a track that also was written as a potential Push recording back in 2010. Martie Peters comments: “Again, this topic is not original to say the least, it’s about someone cheating on someone, definately not the first time I have touched the subject. However, this time I am singing in 3rd person looking in on the whole thing. Highly toxic guitar playing from Konstantin again on this one and a killer melody on top, something I just love doing, I think it works big time. Pure magic from Eric Ragno on the synths, mature verses into pure pop choruses.” The heviest track on the album is “No win situation” written with Martin Slott about two years ago. Martie Peters comments: “A pure GLAM anthem!! My good old pal Dennis Post is handling the guitars on this recording and he is just crazy – a rock and roll rebel, a rock and roll legend my friends, as rare as they come. He KICKS major ASS on this sweet track. Oh, the song is about someone leaving a person bitter and twisted – just shouting in the end CUT ME LOOSE”.

All in all this album is an outstanding record. It both satisfies old fans (like me) with songs that has glam end melodic influences. But on the other hand it also opens the scene for new fans with tracks of a more hard and “industrial” vibe. As a whole the sound of “Unfinished Business” is fresh and modern. Let’s hope that the melodic community will take a positive look on this one – it’s a Danish neo-classic in spe 😉



Shape of the New Sun: “Dying Embers”, Lions Pride Music.

Tracklist: 01.Babylon, 02.The Pain, 03.Ghost from the Past, 04.Worth dying for, 05.Divine, 06.Don’t let it fall, 07.Dying Embers, 08.Majestic, 09.Give it up, 10.When the Curtain falls.

Band: Thomas Kihlberg (vocals & guitars), Ivan Persic (guitars), Håkan Holmström (bass) and Tomas Persic (drums).

The Swedish melodic rock band Shape of the New Sun has been drawing my attension since the first announcement of the band came out on Danish label Lions Pride Music. Now they have released their debut album “Dying Embers”. And the quartet is up and running – they can easily match some of the big Scandinavian bands playing melodic rock and/or AOR – although their main influence is the more British scene.

The band consists of the two brothers Tomas and Ivan Persic on drums and guitar supported by the talented vocalist Thomas Kihlberg and the solid bass player Håkan Holmström – the whole thing is mixed and produced by Björn Wennerberg giving the album the power and sound to perfection. As I said the album oozes from a more laid back bluesy British/American sound – reminding me a bit of Riverdogs… but also of Journey and Queen from time to time – funny and innovative. Solid and majestic!

The record kicks off with “Babylon” – and vocals and especially the guitars is outstanding on this one – perfect tune to have as a opener. But there are more memorable tracks on the album – just to mention a few I have to recommend “Ghost of the past”, “Divine”, “Don’t let it fall”, “Majestic” – which is the first single outburst and the last encore of “When the Curtain falls”. They all show Shape of the new sun as four very capable musicians, all very sharp and clear in their expression – not just following one pattern or genre but really with the will, power and capacity to give me some new impressions and on the other hand giving me the opportunity to hum along and sing out well known tunes (after a few spins)

This record is highly recommended – it is always very nice to make the acquaintance of such powerful and grounded band, who is also not afraid of challenging the genres! Great…



HUSH: “Departement of faith”, Lions Pride Music.

Tracklist: 01.I don’t wanna, 02.Black ice, 03.She will be the one, 04.Hold on, 05.Crazy, 06.Mirrors, 07.Signs, 08.Last man standing, 09.Everything, 10.This is it, 11. This time (bonus track).

Band: Patrick Simonsen (vocals, guitars & keys), Kenneth E. Kristiansen (guitars, percussion & keys), Antonio Torner (drums), Stein Andersen (bass) and Thorleif Østmoe (keys).

The Norwegian AOR/melodic rock  quintet HUSH has already made two highly awarded albums “If You Smile” from 1999 and “II” from 2001 – and one third album was released in 2006 called “Mirage”, but this was not mentioned very much around the music world…. So it was with great pleasure and surprise that I saw this fourth album titled “Department Of Faith” released through the danish label Lions Pride Music. After a few years of hiatus it is fine to see founding members Patrick Simonsen (vox) and Kenneth Kristiansen (guitar) joined forces with Thorleif Østmoe (keys) once again and this time including two new members Stein Andersen (bass) and Antonio Torner (drums).

“I Do not Wanna” starts out with a magnificent melody – and perfectly sets the scene for the whole album. Beautiful AOR  with catchy guitars and superb keyboards.  The voice of Patrick Simonsen has an intense  power  – but also capable of being emotional and soft – magnificent! You can almost fall in love with titles like “Black Ice”, “Hold On” and “Crazy” (Seal cover). But my favorites are (besides opener) the emotional “She wil be the one” and the 100 % Scandi-rock-track “Last man standing” – outstanding!

For lovers of fine Scandinavian melodic hard rock, this album is simply a hidden juwel, progressive on some instrumental passages, while keeping a classic touch on every note Hush delivers a little masterpiece – a lesson in pure melodic heaven! And every musician is crystal clear in output and in the production.

At the end of the album Hush has taken an “old” never released  track – from 2010 called “This time” and recorded it again with the two new members! What a treat… What a way to end this album! So if you care for melodic hard rock and AOR with a clear Scandinavian touch and feel – driven by excellent musicianship and powerful production HUSH will be right up your alley 🙂



Marenna: “No Regrets”, Lions Pride Music.

Tracklist: 01.Reasons to live, 02.Can’t let you go, 03.Never surrender, 04.Come back, 05.The price, 06.Fall in love again, 07.About love, 08.Forever, 09.So different, 10.No regrets, 11. Fall in love again (Demo), 12.Like an angel (live).

Band: Rodrigo Marenna (vocals), Jonas Godoy (guitars, bass & keyboards), Ivan Busic (drums), Arthur Appel (bass & keyboards) and Gionathan Sands (drums).

For this review we are going to Brazil!

From there, we get this project of the talented singer and composer Rodrigo Marenna, who presents us with latest (and second) album “No Regret” a masterpiece with a good feeling that will ooze 80’s hard rock all over it.

I will start off with a tune that gives us party and glam “Reason to live”, good chorus and memorable riffs that gives us a good vibe – and have a bit early Bon Jovi over it.Another ggod tune follows – with a nice keyboard intro from the first tones of “Cant’t Let You Go” also very 80’s – but with a more Hairy-feel-good approach. Nice chorus – and fabulous songwriting.“Never Surrender” has a very interesting rhythm guitar over it and it reminds me of Survivor’s “Too hot to sleep”, loaded with sweet hummable melodies, the guitar work is pretty good on this one. “Come Back” has a whole new approach – and reminds me of more traditional folk/country songwriting – maybe it is just me… but the danish band D.A.D. comes to mind.“The price” reminds us again of some of the golden eighties, perhaps it lacks a little to the production, on the opposite side – the vocals is outstanding.Loaded with melody and with a beautiful guitar figure gives “Fall in Love again”. Smoothe and refreshing with lots of positive energy – not far from the first Firehouse albums.“About love” sounds very great! Hungry guitars which gives a good rhyth feeling and another refrain with great melody with a bit poor production – but hey… a good tune that will work (I suppose)great live.If I had missed a great riff it sure is here on the start of “Forever”, pure Hard rock/AOR of the best kind, big keyboards and of course … an awesome chorus and vocal work. “So different” goes out as the albums great ballad – loaded with acustic work which gives a space for the more sensitive sides of Rodrigo Maranna.And we finish with the title track of the album “No Regrets” that shows us a somewhat harder and aggressive approach – in the spectre of hard rock/AOR genre though – it has a good riff and toxic rhythm guitar that perfectly rounds this album off.

As a conclusion, a good effort from Rodrigo Marenna and his band. Coming from the big land Brazil it seems that a very good scene for this genre is possible nowadays. I think Marenna’s first album was awesome – and this is even better! A big voice and a great songwriter…


Pretty Maids: “Kingmaker”, Frontiers Records.

Tracklist: 01.When God took a day off, 02.Kingmaker, 03.Face the world, 04.Humanize me, 05.Last beauty on earth, 06.Bull’s eye, 07.King of the right here and now, 08.Heavens little devil, 09.Civilized monster, 10.Sickening, 11.Was that what you wanted, 12. Kingmaker (extended)

Pretty Maids "Kingmaker"

Pretty Maids “Kingmaker”

Band: Ronnie Atkins (vocals), Ken Hammer (guitar), Allan Tschicaja (drums), René Shades (bass) and Chris Laney (keyboards). On the album Kim Olesen plays the keys…

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Pretty Maids and Jacob Hansen.

Pretty Maids

Pretty Maids

The band Pretty Maids has been around for quite a while now… And seen apart from a week epoque in the middle tha band has never been stronger! “Kingmaker” shows that with founding members Ronnie Atkins and Ken Hammer stil practicing magic in the studio – great melody and great musicianship. This time around they are joined by René Shades on bass and the human powerhouse Allan Tschicaja on drums – Kim Olesen from Anubis Gate is playing the keyboards – but live he has been replaced by Chris Laney.

Chris Laney

Chris Laney

The album starts out with a gospel choir – the intro to “When God took a day off” is majestic, and the song itself is a small masterpiece with power. There are more powertracks on the album like “Bull’s eye” and “King of the right here and now”. But as I said in the beginning PM is much more wide… i.e. “Face the world” is a happy song-a-long track, perfect as a first single. “Last beauty on earth” with its laid-back almost countrylike atmosphere is a great tune, too. For you metalheads outthere – there is a track like “Sickening” which almost leaves Rammstein and U.D.O in the ashes!

“Kingmaker” is in my opinion one of the bands better records – the strongest in lat’s say 10-15 years! I’m looking forward to the forthcoming tour – the band seem very hungry!

Mitch Malloy: “Making Noise”, Own Label

Tracklist: 01.Rocknroll, 02.My Therapy, 03.One Way, 04.Speak of The Devil, 05.Shook, 06.It’s just a Word, 07.Alone, 08.I was wrong, 09.Life has just begun, 10.Making Noise.

Mitch Malloy "Making Noise"

Mitch Malloy “Making Noise”

All instruments played by Mitch Malloy.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Mitch Malloy at Malloy MasterTrack Studio, Nashville TN.

With a tracks like “Anything at all” back in 1992 Mitch Malloy made a big part of “my soundtrack” to my youth (or younger days:) and i am sure that every lover of AOR and/or melodic rock will agree.

Mitch Malloy and band

Mitch Malloy and band

Now we are in 2016 – and Mitch malloy has released a new album called “Making Noise”. And it will hopefully give him a chance to kick up the old audience (like myself) and give him some new listeners, too!

For a start: The album is great. It covers the genre from rock to ballads and shows that Mitch Malloy is a great frontman with an awesome voice – Van Halen are the losers here! There are several highlights on the album but tracks like the opener “Rocknroll” – also a perfect show opener, the first single “My Therapy” – much more edgie and tough tha i expected, “Shook” with its duelling organ/guitar-theme – reminds me of old school Deep Purple and finally “making Noise – really finishes the album of.

Mitch Malloy has taken care of all instruments and producing this record and it is a 100% MM-album. He is back on track and making music to some one like me – but also has an eye and an ear in the future, too. So thumbs up for this release and for the soundtrack to my future as well:)

Live review!

Mitch Malloy & band

Portalen, Greve, Denmark 24th September 2016

Band: Mitch Malloy (vocals, guitar), Tyler Warren (drums, background vocals), Andreas Oxholm (bass) and Tristan Avakian (guitar, background vocals)

Mitch Malloy Live in Denmark

Mitch Malloy Live in Denmark

One of THE soundtracks to my youth (or “younger days” to be precise) is definitely the blistering debut from 1992 by the one and only Mitch Malloy.

Along the road Malloy made even more records – and even landed a job in Van Halen for a (very short) while.

But at the present time in 2016 Malloy is here again in a re-launched edition – packed with re-found enthusiasm and supporting a brand new album: “Making Noise”.

The night started out with the Czech modern rock 5-piece The Snuff. This young band was loaded with a lot of power, courage of youth, energy and a LOT of volume:)

Main attraction (not mane attraction) of the evening was Mitch Malloy, though! and when Mitch and the rest of the band went on stage the whole scene shivered of anticipation. And Malloy entered as a  101% rock STAR: Long curly hair (mane… got it?), shiny tight pants and a pair of big shades!

First track was even called “Rocknroll” – from the new album. A bit Van Halen-esque and a perfect show opener. After this Malloy owned the facilities and the crowd of approximately 150 people screamed along on every tune and riff Malloy and band made:

Mitch Malloy Band

Mitch Malloy Band

The set list continued with well known (and loved) anthems like “Mission of Love”, “Take me over the Water”, “Standing in the Middle of Nowhere”, “Cowboy & the Ballerina” and “Our Love will never die”. All tracks supported by a screaming crowd – helping the awesome vocalist.

First single from the new album – a track called “My Therapy” also got very positive respons- and it really has a captive riff and with the majestic “Forever” (recorded back in 1988) Malloy ended first set with Mitch running around IN the audience.

After a short break the band entered the stage and delivered the ultimate showmanship! The little gem “Love Song” from the album “II” was next, followed by the beautiful “Nobody wins in this war” – and the last encore was the biggest track from Mitch Malloy – “Anything at all” ended a perfect evening in melodic rock paradise.

Ah…. ended and ended! A very pleasent, down to earth and friendly Mitch Malloy even took the time and signed Cd’s, signing autographs and photos with and among the audience! Now this man is not only the soundtrack of my youth but also the future. Thank you very much…!


Text: Steen Elstrup Pejtersen

Photos & Video: Tine Elstrup Pejtersen

Mitch Malloy and Steen E. Pejtersen

Mitch Malloy and Steen E. Pejtersen





HitnRun: “HitnRun”, Lions Pride Music.

Tracklist: 01.Shot of Love, 02.Piece of the Action, 03.King of the Fools, 04.Got the Fire, 05.Forever, 06.Take it to the Limit, 07.She’s so wild, 08.Love gone bad, 09.Wild and crazy Days.

Band: Eric Montoyas (vocals), Mark Sutorka (guitar), Dan Whitman Montoya (bass), Jareth Grealish (guitar) and Beckett Grealish (drums).

Originally recorded back in the early 90’s with the wave of grunge hanging over their head HitnRun insisted playing good and classy hardrock with bluesy, hardhitting and melodic touch – sometimes even funky (just listen to the break in “She’s so wild”). All delivered with an enthusiasm and joy – they must have been a blast in the local music scene of Eastern Pennysylvania and New Jersey at that time.

The band opened for bands like Dirty Looks, Tyketto and Widowmaker – and really tried to deliver the goods live. Luckily for us today the band members stayed in touch – so here we are with the result!

The raw voice of Eric Montoya and the addictive riffs by the two guitarist is backed perfectly by a very tight rhythm group and after listening to  party tracks like “Piece of the Action” and “King of Fools” i can’t help thinking of the mighty band Little Ceasar. The structure and quality of the songs are not that far from each other. HitnRun also masters the power ballads like “Forever” – a beautiful track with a lot of hit potential (in the 90’s).  And the beautiful structured “She’s so Wild” – remember with that funky feeling?! Its sheer amusement… A track that sums it all up for me though is the monster track “Take it to the Limit” – hookladen and with lots and lots of guitar and a nice chorus to hum along!

So if you miss classy hard rock with a soulful and bluesy touch – HitnRun will be right up your alley!! I know that it is right up my one:)



Moonshine: “Moonshine”, Lions Pride Music.

Tracklist: 01.Mississippi Delta blues, 02.Warm beer catfish stew, 03.The devils road, 04.Fortunate son, 05.The last song, 06.Mamas kitchen brew, 07.Southern Blood, 08.Turn me around, 09.Fade away, 10.The american train.

Band: Derek Davis (vocals), Buzzy James (slide guitar and vocals), Creg defalco (guitar and vocals), Mike Malone (piano harmonica and vocals), Brian Fox (drums) and Michael Norton (bass). Additional players Jane Child (piano), Michael Anthony!! (bass), Kevin Hill (bass) and David Lauser (drums).

Twenty years after being recorded, Moonshine’s debut LP  finally got out in the light.  It had been hidden away in singer Derek Davis’ (Babylon AD) closet all these years.  Derek recently brushed up the masters, had them re-mastered from analog tape to digital format and set about releasing this longoverdue  little treasure.  Fans of guitar driven blues-based rock will dig this release.

Had this album been released back in the day, I could see this song doing well at radio – alongside Tangier for example.

This whiskey-soaked, slide guitar laden musical journey down the Dixie land has more than a few highlights, be it the groovy, rocking, bluesy opener “Mississippi Delta Blues”, the maudlin melodic road song “The Devil’s Road” or the blues, Skynyrd-infused ballad “The Last Song.” Outstanding is the rendition of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s 1969 classic “Fortunate Song,” featuring some blistering lead guitar work. “Mams Kitchen Brew” and “Warm Beer Catfish Stew” (my favorite) are dynamic pieces of hard-hitting  blues with well-crafted choruses against the groovy instrumental background.

So get a little history lesson here – and buy Moonshine, you won’t regret that!


Stone Machine: “10 Stones”, Lions Pride Music

Tracklist: 01.Use you up, 02.Dirty sweet, 03.Down south mama, 04.Better days, 05.Long Road, 06.Slow down, 07.Rock ain’t dead, 08.Corn bread, 09.Mr. Blues, 10.Queen without a crown.

Band: Dirk Blevins (guitars, bass and vocals), Jason Mays (vocals, bass, drums and organ), Jamie Hall (bass) and Jeremy Hall (drums).

Hailing from the U.S. city of Huntington, West Virginia, in an area known for steel and oil refining industries, Stone Machine is a band not to be missed.  Main member Dirk Blevins and co. have delivered a little pearl of classic rock that will transport you back to the good old days – when hard rock was born.

The bands style is best described in the vein of Free and Bad Company, with their own significant touch to the music and with very powerful vocals by Jason Mays. The band have s released 3 albums and 10 Stones is their 4 and best of album containing 2 previous unreleased tracks only featured on this release. The man behind the music, Dirk Blevins has a very nice old school-touch to songwriting.

Jason Mays high-ranged voice is made for rock music he reminds me of a cocktail of a young Sammy Hagar, Danny Bowes and Paul Rodgers – not bad!

Songs like Mr. Blues” also has a certain sound of Lynyrd Skynyrd to it or Black Crowes  for that matter – and that goes for several songs on this album

The track “Rock Ain’t Dead” is a true rock anthem on this one, and it will have you singing along just as the rest of them will.  If you like your Southern Rock with a bluesy touch, I recommend Stone Machine very much!


Ragdoll: “Rewound”, Lions Pride Music

Tracklist: 01.Here today, 02. Tell me, 03.Could it be love, 04.Heaven above, 05.Overnight sensation, 06.Foot to the floor, 07.The feeling, 08.Ashamed, 09.In my mind.

Band: Ryan Rafferty (bass and vocals), Leon Todd (guitar) and Cam Barrett (drums) – bass on “In my mind” by Mike Mcculough.

Ragdoll cannot be labeled with any genre type as their entire mission on and off the stage is to bring new life into the music they love.  This is reflected in their release of the compilation CD “Ragdoll Rewound” which brings together Ragdoll’s first two EP’s, “Ragdoll Rock” and the critically acclaimed “Here Today”.  Mix in hard rock, classic rock and twist it with progressive and you have the Ragdoll sound and their stage presence is like none other.

Guitarist Leon Todd descibes the year 2015; “Another great tour ahead America!  We have a new single out and new material we are ready to share as well as new shirts.”  Last year’s tour brought some crazy merchandise and fans are ready to see what all Ragdoll will bring to the States this year.  Preparing to come from the land down under, there is no better way to do so than opening for legendary Uriah Heep this past week at The Astor Theatre in Perth.  Ragdoll farewell their home crowd in Perth, Western Australia, with a tour fundraiser show April 18 at The Civic Hotel. And for the fourth year in a row, the Australian trio,  have announced their return to Rocklahoma Festival in Pryor, Oklahoma.   Leon Todd, Ryan Rafferty and Cam Barrett  will share the stage alongside Linkin Park, Tesla, Godsmack, Slayer and many more across the Memorial Day Weekend for ‘Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Rock’.

So if you are into hard rock with a twist – Ragdoll will be right up your alley!


Elements of Frictions: “Elements of Frictions”, Lions Pride Music

Artist-  and tracklist: 01.Marcello/Vestry What you wanna be, 02.Area 51 Little one, 03.Emma Varg Love don’t live here anymore, 04.Matti Alfonzetti Don’t leave me lonely, 05.Larry Baud Make you mine, 06.Oliver Fehr Don’t walk away, 07.Snakes in Paradise Without your love, 08.Mats Leven Only my heart, 09.Pete Loran To the limit, 10.Paul Laine Another me, 11.Tommy La Verdi Somebody up there, 12.Stephan Kammerer All about you, 13.Rich Cox Let me down easy, 14.Mark Evans Pieces of the action.

With Elements Of Frictions, the newly founded melodic hard rock label Lions Pride Music, is bringing back some of the voices from the past of the genre in the likes of Larry Baud of Red Dawn/Networks, Mark Evans of Heavens Edge, Stefan Berggren of Snakes In Paradise, Stephan Kammerer of Frontline, Tommy La Verdi of 21 Guns/LRS, Paul Laine ex. Danger Danger, Oliver Fehr from Transit and many more. Besides the “old garde” of rockers its lovely to hear a rock lady like Emma Varg who REALKLY shines on the magnificent “Love don’t live here anymore”.

Elements Of Frictions is the brainchild of label owner and founder Carsten Nielsen; I’ve been a fan of this genre ever since the young age of 12. I grew up on Hardline, Bad English, Danger Danger, Harem Scarem, Unruly Child, House Of Lords and the list goes on. Through the years the idea of starting my own label dedicated to this gerne, were always in the back of my head and when the first opportunity presented itself to realize this dream and the release of Elements Of Frictions, then there were no second guessing or doubt, it was all in.

I like this album for its diversity musically, hence the name Elements Of Frictions, it’s not all AOR or melodic rock nor is it hard rock, there is something on it for everyones liking. And that’s what I think stands out on this album and that of course that it has some of the voices back from the heydays back in recording for the first time in years.

On the compilation there are several jar-dropping tracks Marcello/Vestrys “What you wanne be” for one – melodic and powerful, a perfect showstarter. And Tommy La Verdi “Somebody up there” is really great, too. But here are to many highlights and great tracks to mention them all… Only band effort song is from Area 51 – featuring Matti Alfonzetti, Sven Cirnski, Jamie Borger, Micke Höglund and Patrick Appelgren delivering a solid bluesy melodic effort here. Personally I think taht it is very satisfieng to (re)-listen to Oliver Fehr fom Transit, Larry Baud of Red Dawn and Mark Evans from Heavens Edge.

A very recommended album  if you – like me – is a sucker for melodic rock with a lot of melody, bangings choruses, screaming guitars and vocals to die for!


Stellar Revival (now known as Southern Gentlemen): “Love, lust and bad company” Lions Pride Music

Tracklist: 01.The crazy ones, 02.Watch you walk away, 03.Saving Grace, 04.Heart to stone, 05.Love,lust and bad company, 06.Cross your heart, 07.The bottom line, 08.Hungover you, 09.Edge of a dream, 10.England’s best, 11.Shattered, 12.Saving Grace (acustic), 13.Cross your heart (acustic), 14.Live it up (demo), 15.Self proclaimed (demo).

Band: Daniel Uricoli Jnr. and Gennaro Cerbone.

Stellar Revival – now known as Southern Gentlemen were abot to release their major label debut album, Love, Lust & Bad Company, a couple of years ago  ( in 2013), but due to several circumstances it never happened and the band broke up shortly after. Here in 2015  Daniel Uricoli, (bassist), got the rights for the album and it got released on different streaming services – but only in mp3 format.

The album is produced by none other than Brian Howes and Mastered By Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound. The album brings us a perfect mix of heartland rock, straight melodic rock and mellow/melancholic rock. It seems like Nickelback (surprise), Tom Petty and Danger Danger were in the studio at the same time – sharing ideas and jamming – and Stellar Revival is the odd kid coming 9 month later:).
The title track says it all – “Love, lust and bad company” is contagious with a delicious riff, a chorus to die for and guitars gallore. Another rocker is “Crazy ones” with soaring guitars and a big big background choir.
But also the ballads are strong and addictive…”Saving Grace”, “Cross your heart” and “Shattered” really finishes this round album off with a beautiful piano piece and a well dozed orchestration.
The album brings a nice blend of modern rock along with plenty of guitar solos and some great killer ballads. This is kind of the new wave of melodic rock. Rock on!


Horyzon: “Horyzon” Lions Pride Music.

Tracklist: 01.I believe in love again, 02.Fight for your dreams, 03.Caroline.

Band: Daniel Vargas (vocals), Wagner Alexandre (guitars), Ari Gomez (bass), Leandro Freitas (keys and bgv.) and Rod Marcus (drums and bgv.).

A great and tasteful EP with 3 awesome tracks. That is what brazilian quintet Horyzon has come up with from their native Sao Paolo.

Again it’s danish label Lions Pride Music that has discovered this little pearl. The sound is magnificent – all melodies and production is spot-on! Naturally their sources of inspiration are bands like W.E.T., Work of Art and The Storm etc. and therefore opener “I believe in love again” gives very high hopes for a full album in 2016.

All 3 tracks are high class AOR, with great high pitched vocals, a suitable carpet of keyboards and drums – supplied with cracky riffs and solos from the guitar.

I really have high hopes for this band – keep on rocking – and this will launch a third coming of the Scandic-sound – all the way from Brazil;)



Marenna: “My unconditional faith”, Lions Pride Music.

Tracklist: 01.You need to believe, 02.Like an angel, 03.Keep on dreaming, 04.You need to belive (acustic), 05.Life goes on, 06.Like an angel (karaoke version!)

Band: Rodrigo Marenna (vocals), Jonas Godoy (guitar/bass/keys), Guilherme Mello (drums) + “guest stars”

Marenna is the brainchild of composer Rodrigo Marenna – the lead singer of brazilian act Lacross.

This EP with its 4 tracks + 2 bonus ones  is very promising. It is straight forward guitar orientated AOR/melodic rock that gives me memories of the first Bon Jovi albums and/or the melodic side of Whitesnake etc. all delivered with brazilian elegance and flair for a good melody.

First track “You need to believe” is an up tempo melodic rocker, which very much characterize the album as a whole – great melody, blistering guitars and an outstanding vocal performance. Semiballad “Like an angel” is also good, but my favorite is “Keep on dreaming” with its infectious riff in the beginning and GREAT chorus. “Life goes on” is also good and is hopefully a track that Marenna plays live – it is a genuine show starter  and very sing-along-ish.

Rodrigo Marenna works as a vocal coach – maybe thats why there is a karaoke version of “Like an angel” and an acustic version of “You need to belive” on this album. Don’t buy it because of them – buy it because it is a GREAT album, More of this!!!



Zaneta: “Tales from the Sun”, Lions Pride Music

Tracklist: 01.Maryanne, 02.Coming back, 03.Feel you now, 04.Stay, 05.I won’t cry, 06.Not this time, 07.All my life, 08.Saturday, 09.Dream of love, 10.Tell me why.

Band: Simone Roman (vocals/guitars/bass), Fabrizio Leo (guitars), Steff Brusa (keys/piano) and Danilo Marinotti (drums).

Starting out with the rocking and swinging “Maryanne”, the cornerstone is laid down for a good and solid album consisting melodic guitar (and keyboard) driven AOR.

This Italian quartet has risen from the ashes of melodic fellows Eva – as Steff Brusa’s keys is awesome and massive involved in the soundcarpet of Zaneta.

The album as a whole is well produced – allowing all members to shine equally throughout the tracks. That is from opening track over the first single and the slightly softer “Feel you now” – with a kind-of-Toto sound to it. The grand ballad “Stay” also has a majestic flair to it – radiofriendly AOR of the best kind. My favorite track “All my life” has an infectous riff, great guitar breaks and solo –  and really allows brilliant vocalist and guitarist Simone Roman to shine. But as a favorite the track “Saturday” also comes very close, with a great riff and a fresh up-tempo chorus.

All in all a very nice and pleasing release – among the best so far in 2015 in its genre!



Raspberry Park: “At Second Glance”, PowerProg Records
9/10. Release date 18. September.2015

Tracklist: 01.Take It Back, 02. Spinning Wheel, 03. Alive, 04. Sleep With The Lights On, 05. Depending On A Miracle, 06. Getaway, 07. Madeleine,08. I Won’t Back Down, 09. Free Birds, 10. Look My Way.

Raspberry Park "At second Glance"

Raspberry Park “At second Glance”

Band: Mikkel Bryde (Vocals & Keys,) Jes Kirstein (Guitars), Mads Fogt (Guitars), Morten Maltesen (Bass) and Jesper Andersen (Drums) – Jesper Andersen has been replaced by Fridi Oester (from LittleFish) after the recordings.

Raspberry Park

Raspberry Park

This is were it used to be difficult – releasing a bands number two record! Especially when the first one got so critically acclaimed as it was… But to Raspberry Park it all feels very natural:) They play their hard edged adult rock with such skills, elegance and maturity so they capture and embrace their audience – me, for one!

In comparison with their debut – the band has changed former Skagarack-guitarist Jan Pedersen with Mads Fogt from Brimstone Butterfly – and that has (to my surprise) given a bit to a more bluesier guitar-duel-thing and A LOT in the arrangement-area. What songs and arrangements… surely helped by the mastering, done by none other than Mats “Limpan” Lindfors (Scorpions, H.E.A.T, The Poodles, Crashdïet, Katatonia …) but maybe also by former Parber/Kerstein-mate Jan Parber doing the additional engineering.

At the moment i am totally blown away by tracks like “Alive”, “Madeleine” and “Look my way” but i have a feeling that it might change tomorrow, because there are hits piling up here – “Sleep with the lights on” and “Getaway” is masterpieces, too. Not to mention first single “I won’t back down”. On all tracks the band has all the good qualities of fantastic melodies, with mesmorizing riffs, a solid rhythm base and magnificent solos all over it!

Raspberry Park has made an exellent album here – and i’m proud being a native Dane (with all the other bands in the genre being swedish). I’m sure that the band will be a driving force (they alreadyare) in the melodic rock world in the future.  I can only praise this release!



Raspberry Park: “Scratchin* the Surface”, PowerProg Records
9/10. Release date 18. April.2014

Tracklist: 01. On The Battlefield 02. Dangerous Zone 03. Paradise 04. Can`t Get Out 05. Straight To The Bone 06. I´m The Only One 07. Friends & Lovers 08. I´ll Stay 09. The Message 10. Make Me Wonder 11. Let Them Burn 12. One Second

Raspberry Park "Scratchin' the Surface"

Raspberry Park “Scratchin’ the Surface”

Raspberry Park will release their awaited debut album “Scratchin’ the Surface” on the 18. Of April 2014 – can’t wait! The band features the well known guitar-slinger Jes Kirsten and the singer/keys Mikkel Bryde, the bass is handled by Morten Maltesen and drums by Jesper Andersen. Guest appearance on the record is also “good-old” Skagarack shredder Jan Pind Pedersen.
The idea originally started out as a project by Bryde & Kirstein – with the goal writing for others. But lucky for all us lovers of melodic rock/AOR with a modern touch, they decided to make a band out of it
Their music is very similar to classic acts like Giant, Bon Jovi, Signal and even Beatles – but with a modern production touch the album is a blast!
If you (like me) are a sucker for big melodies, grand guitars, hookladen big production delivered with a mature musical impact tracks like the two already released singles “Paradise” and “On the Battlefield” is right up your alley – Brydes vocals is right on the spot everytime, heavily supported by the powerful riffing by Kirstein and furious guitar blitz by Pedersen – especially the guitar-duo-thing on a track like “Make me Wonder” is fantastic. But also the classic to be “Friends & Lovers” is an absolute hit.
Highly recommended!